What to get the Dads, the Grads and Teachers in Your Life

What to get the Dads, the Grads and Teachers in Your Life

What, what's that you say? Another Holiday? A few favorite items to easily treat and celebrate the Dads, Grads and Teachers in your life.
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What? What is that you say? Another holiday?

Holidays seem to pop more frequently these days. In my house it always feels like we are just completing one holiday, that I am most likely unprepared for, when a new one is upon us. I'm not sure if this phenomena came about after having two children and wondering why in the world they are always out of school.

"It's national umbrella day you say? Oh, Ok....and they will be released early...with a full week off? Great, bring on the portable coverage."

That being said, many wonderful holidays are upon us and as unprepared as I seem to be, these lovely lovelies in our life require a little treat (even if sometimes it's a little late). Here is a guide to gifts that I love to purchase to spoil the Dad's, Grad's and Teachers in my life:


The Dads

  1. Cat Bates Soft Shackle Bracelet - A stylish, durable and long lasting accessory for any Dad - I bought this for Wes about 5 years ago and he has never taken it off. 
  2. Stance - a Wes pick - I personally love socks and the reviews on these socks make them a top pick. Stance offers classic and colorful patterns to fit any style.
  3. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel - We have collected these duffles over the years and love them. They are our everything bag: Weekender/Air Travel/Camping/"Throw it in the back of the truck while it's raining and your stuff stays dry" bag - it's the Mary Poppins bag of travel - $150
  4. Marin Skincare - This is a Maine company I have recently been introduced to and I give it two thumbs up. We are a family of dry skin, especially when we are working on houses and this cream does the trick. 
  5. Pickles and Nuts - We are a pickle family and nut family through and through. Put the two together with maybe a bottle of wine, beer or vodka (pickle martini...heelllllloooo) and you have yourself a treat. Some of our favorites: Grillos Dill Pickle (found at most grocery stores in the refrigerated section) and Salted Shell Peanuts (the shell slows you down and gives dad a fun activity while you are telling him all about your recent shopping adventures that had such deep discounts your credit card bill is basically paid off...you're welcome.)

The Grads

  1. A 5x7 SMD print with a frame from Target This is not a shameless plug, it truly makes a nice gift especially for a dorm room, new apartment or house. All said and done it is about $35 and feels like a million bucks. ox
  2. Maison Louis Marie candles (No. 4 or No.9) - I love a good basic candle and these are low profile and smell wonderful. David Sedaris gave a commencement speech including life rules and one was on the importance of buying nice candles. I agree. Plus, you can use them and reuse the glass container for something else. It's the gift that keeps on giving Clark. 
  3. Gift cards - Amazon gift card (Listen, you may not like the man but it is convenient and great for college shopping or apartment shopping!) Also, Zara has an excellent home line and is a great option.

The Teachers

  1. Leather Wallet from Immodest Cotton - You need to really kinda love your teacher but it is a long lasting beautiful gift. They come in a great assortment of colors and! wallets get used regularly so the teacher will remember how AWESOME you are.
  2. Dusen Dusen colorful striped hand towel and a Les Panacees bar of soap . I love this combo. I pop it in a cello bag so you can see how fun the towel is and the soap has beautiful packaging. Add a little ribbon and bam, show stopping gift for about $35
  3. Movie Theater gift card. Seeing a movie in person...still super fun.





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