DIY Painted Wooden Hardware

DIY Painted Wooden Hardware

Hardware can often be the hardest choice of a project, here is an option that might aide in that choice...

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DIY Painted Wooden Knobs

Hardware can often be the hardest choice of a cabinet project (exactly the reason why it took me one whole year to add knobs to our studio doors...a tragic year for fingernails). It can be both expensive and overwhelming. Here is an option that might aid in that choice. For those looking for an affordable, simple (albeit time consuming) and functional design option, try this painted wooden knob project. It may be the route for you.


What you'll need:

Wooden Knobs  - I chose two sizes of knobs for this project, one larger for the drawers and a smaller option for the doors. These wooden knobs can be found at the Home Depot

Optional Items:


We are not reinventing the wheel here, this is simply painting knobs. If you mess up, it's just paint (and inexpensive materials). Release yourself from the pressure of perfection, it will look beautiful (I know it).

Before you get started: Create a drying rack for your knobs. This consists of a scrap piece of wood with nails nailed into the back. The nails create a suspended area for the knobs to dry. Gently press the backs of your knobs (where the screw will go) into the nails so they stick. This allows you to move the knobs without touching them. (See below for reference. We were painting  knobs for multiple different cabinets which is why you are seeing various colors)

Also, create an area where your knobs can dry. This should be a warm, clean, dry area where your knobs can cure for a week undisturbed (think basement, garage, closet)

Painting your hardware:

1. Prime your knobs with Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X 12 oz. Flat White Primer General Purpose Spray Paint . When doing projects like this we like to use a spray paint primer so we don’t have to spend time cleaning the sprayer for a small amount of paint. Let the primer dry completely before continuing.

3. Lightly sand and wipe clean if needed. Rehang on the drying rack

4. Paint knobs x 2 coats. Allow knobs to dry completely in between each coat and lightly sand and clean if needed. Upon completion of the second coat, place knobs (still on the drying rack) in a clean, warm dry area to cure for several days. If you have the patience, we suggest a week.

5. Drill cabinet holes with 3/16 drill bit. We suggest using the Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig  Big time saver. Accurate and easy for repeatable holes. We usually make our own jig or use a square and tape measure for small projects but this was a big project so we thought we’d try this out and we liked it. Not good for drawers wider than 6” if you want centered hardware.

6. Install your knobs! All knobs come equipped with screws for installation.

It is not the fastest solution but it sure is pretty. If you're on the fence, start small, I think you will love the finished product.

Photos by Jenn Bravo

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