Framing can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! I've been framing art for 20 years and I still get tripped up. Let me guide you in the process to make doing so easier.

To begin, I offer three types of giclee prints - giclee meaning "a fine art reproduction using a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies."  

Unstretched: Loose, like a poster or photograph. Intended for framing under glass to protect the unsealed print. Equipped with a 1/2" white border for matting ease. This border allows for tape, such as matting tape (ideal) or masking tape (can discolor), to be applied without damaging the image. This border adds a full inch to the print's listed size. For example, when you purchase an 8x10 print from my shop, the image on the print will be 8 inches by 10 inches but the print itself will be 9 inches by 11 inches. This will not effect the size of the frame you purchase, it is only there to assist the framer. This print will fit perfectly in a frame that offers the listed size (ie. 8x10) "mat opening" or "matted to" size.

This can be confusing but here is the break down. When shopping for a frame for your print, most frames will be categorized under their mat opening size. All you need to shop for is the size of the print you purchased! The easiest most affordable sizes to frame at home are 5x5, 5x7, 8x8, 8x10 and 11x14. Most accessible box stores (such as Target) offer affordable options ($30 or less) in basic colors. Prints larger than 11x14 can be challenging to frame. IKEA can be a good resource for prints 12x16 or 16x20 but often, these options are only available in person. Occasionally frames can be found online at home decor stores but, be mindful of the specifications of the frame. Often online home decor stores will list the finished size of the frame and in the specifications list the mat opening size ie. 16x20 picture frame that can hold an 8x10 photo. I have made this mistake many times! If you are in the market for prints larger than 11x14 I would suggest having them framed by a local custom framer, or

Mirrored Border Prints:  This option is again loose like a poster or photograph but intended for wrapping around stretcher bars and framing (similar to the original pieces). This feature adds 4 total square inches to the print size you selected, giving you the full image plus 2 additional inches on all sides. A mirrored border is an extension of the image you selected that carries to the full edge of the print, offering a continuous look when wrapping. This allows the edge to be exposed if you wish to float frame your stretched print (as I do in my original work). This can be done at home if you build your own frames or have a vintage frame you'd like to add your print to. I would suggest using a professional such as a local framer, or if you wish to frame your print in this fashion and have not done so before. I would also recommend sealing your print if it will not be protected by glass. This is a service we offer.

Stretched Framed Prints: A finished print option similar to the original work. Sealed with an acrylic matte laminate (over the giclee print) to prevent damage to the print and to allow for gental dusting and cleaningStretched, wrapped and framed on an inner set of stretcher bars set in float frames that wrap the back and sides of the stretched canvas. Incorporating a 1/4" reveal to show off a little bit of the sides of each piece.